Monday, May 2, 2011

here again...

...but for few days until my super-exciting NYC travel!!!!!!

I always love travel and when we bought the tickets almost six months ago my best dream come true.

I'm doing a huge brainstorming about what I will wear there: shorts, jeans, sandals, boots, jackets, t-shirt...would it be hot or cold??

and for having a break of the tones of things to do and  think about the wonderful days coming I'm going to eat this mozzarella-tomato-pesto pizza! yummmmmmmmmmy :)

p.d: I have on my mind one surprise for you that I hope that you like it :)


  1. hola!! es de fun and basics
    un beso

  2. mmm i love traveling myself and I always picture all my outfits and what ill be weraing as well something that all fashionistas do =)

    you have a new follower

    check out my blog


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