Wednesday, August 3, 2011

mint green or tiffanys green??

I want to share with you my new nailpolish that I'm completly stuck. I bought it in Rome last week and the first feeling was that it was mint green. After two times my feelings goes that it seems more the Tiffanys green, btw I completly love this colour. What do you thing???

The bracelets: the pink one is home-made (by my mom), a crystal murano one and one made by a tibetian monk in Rome.

Today has been a very crazy day. At early morning there were some clouds so I decided to stay home and do some work but later the sun rised and my mind changed totally. When I decided to put my bikini and go to the pool...guess what? It started raining!!! arggggg I really hate these days in the middle of summer. Here in Spain normally the weather is hot, the sun shine all days, but this year I don't know what happen...

I have to start packing what I want to take with me in the beach. I'll go there this Saturday and I have a lot of things to do. Tommorrw I'll show you more :)

How about your day sweeties?


  1. Tanto la pulsera como el color de las uñas me encantaa!!!
    Un besit :)

  2. Love your bracelets!!



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